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Sep. 27: Sewing Cafe #3

Monday, September 21st, 2015


Learn or teach how to sew or crochet. You can bring old clothes for repair, upgrades or exchange! By learning how to do things ourselves we can consume less and upcycle materials available around us.

Every 4th Sunday of the month we will meet at Basta and make our creative thoughts come true by reusing materials that we find around us using all kinds of tools or so called ultimate weapons against the fashion industry.

Come by any time between 2 and 8pm and join the fun!

You can bring your own tools and materials. If you don’t have it that’s ok, we have some to share (such as sewing machine, sewing tools, crocheting needles, yarn, fabrics etc.)

There will be at least one sewing machine (maybe two) ready to use.

You can bring old clothes for an exchange, repair, upgrades and so on (so many options). This time there will be some clothes available for exchange.

Let’s share our thoughts and skills and inspire each other in fabric creation.

There will be tea, coffee and some snacks.

No entrance fee – We happily accept donations for materials, snacks and drink

May 19: DIY Workshop: Bee-friendly Seedbombs

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Learn or teach how to make seedbombs – small balls made up of a clay, compost soil and seeds!

This time we will focus on choosing seeds of bee-friendly plants.

After we are done with seedbombs, there will be a short movie screening about the importance of seeds – SEEDS OF FREEDOM

Come and join us any time and feel free to learn or teach, discuss, have a drink, watch a movie…

No entrance fee – donations for materials, drinks, snacks are welcome!

What material will we use?
If you have some seeds that we could use, bring them!
Let’s choose our seeds carefully (bee-friendly, native plants, not GM…)
And feel free to share your knowledge on which plants are good option and what are the best areas to do seedbombing!
If you have some spare compost soil, you can bring it.
We will use red powdered clay. Of course local clay is the best option. If you have it, you can bring it and share it with us.
Honeybees are disappearing drastically around the world. And the impact honeybees have on the human population and the environment is far more crucial than we may think. They facilitate pollination for most plant life. Most of the food you consume is available because of bees.

Why bees are disappearing:

There is hope. By planting bee-friendly native plants we provide diversity and food for the bees!
DIYW_Beefriendly seed bombs_flyer

Apr. 21: Cleaning products

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015



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Mar. 17: Seed exchange + starting seeds

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

*DIY Workshop: Seed exchange + starting seeds*

Join us at another DIY Workshop on the 17th of March!
We will do a seed exchange and plant some seeds as well.
We can exchange our own gardening experiences, ideas and suggestions while starting those seeds.
If you have seeds, bring them and swap it with others.
In order to start seeds, we will need compost soil and containers with drainage holes.
If you have that, you can bring it to the workshop. Otherwise we have some to share.

Want to repair your clothes? There will be a sewing machine available as usual! And a typewriter as well!

DIYW_Seed exchange_seed starting_flyer

Feb. 17: Bass and Guitar Repair

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

1st time at the Bijstand!!!

DIYW_Guitar&Base repair_flyer_ver1


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Dec. 16: Baking Cookies

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

DIYW_Baking Cookies_flyer


x Hello DIYerz and cookie lovers! x

December’s DIY Workshop is going to be about baking – we will be making cookies!

What’s your favourite recipe for cookies? What recipes are popular in the region where you come from?

Bring your favourite recipes and share them with others
bring your passion for baking and learn new international recipes.

There will be certain amount of basic ingredients for making cookies provided (flour, eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder). But if you can, bring your own ingredients.

If necessary bring pre-made dough to the workshop (in case the recipe for the dough takes longer than workshop time).

Donations for ingredients and drinks are welcome.

x see you there x

“We got 99 problems, but eating home made cookies ain’t one!!”


Nov. 18: Zine Creation

Monday, November 3rd, 2014



x Dear DIYerz! x

Third Tuesday of November we will be at BAstA with another DIY workshop – Zine Creation!

We will be designing and putting together zines. The topic of zines is absolutely free!

We’ll have a printer, typewriter, glue, scissors and some other tools for creating.

Bring your ideas and create something on the spot.
Have articles, drawings, pictures ready and just bring that.

And if you have some of your own tools, you can bring them too – for example laptop, scissors, pens, pencils, erasers etc. If not we will have some tools to share with you.

There will be one sewing machine available at the workshop.

Join us and share your knowledge on zines or learn some new tricks!

x See you there! X



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Someone’s 1st zine!

prin2s print1s print3s print4s


DIYZine_CommunityGarden DIYZines_CommunityGarden_BW DIYZines_Dare DIYZines_Example_BW DIYZines_Example DIYZines_WarningShotz DIYZines_ZineCreationArt

Oct. 21: Back to the Roots

Saturday, October 4th, 2014


Summer event flyer


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Oct. 19: DIY hoe maak ik kiemgroenten

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

wil je horen, zien en proeven hoe zelf kiemgroenten ofwel sprouts kunt maken?
kom dan ook!! neem je vriendjes en vriendinnetjes mee, hoe meer zielen hoe meer vreugd, en er is ruimte genoeg.
en natuurlijk leuk om elkaar weer te treffen

waar: hof van wezel in de Wielewaal (de gele keet)

De Hof van Wezel

ficarystraat 10, 6641 Beuningen, Gelderland, Netherlands


DIY Workshop: Preserving Vegetables

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Approximate programme:
18:00 (we start boiling vegetables)
19:00 (we start jarring and preserving)

Home Canning!
A skill passed down to us from our Slovenian parents,
From a place where DIY is the culture.

Many people in Slovenia spend their free time growing and harvesting food,
preserving and sharing with each other.
With this process, the vegetables can last up to 2 years.

If you can, bring your vegetables and jars.
Well cleaned jars! You can even boil them.
You can also boil your vegetables at home and bring them to the workshop ready for jarring.

Please don’t waste food! And share the knowledge as much as you can!

Backyard garden in Narin, Slovenia.

With our teacher in Gabrk, Slovenia (population +/- 30)


September 16th, 2014 (Link to Folder)