May 19: DIY Workshop: Bee-friendly Seedbombs

Learn or teach how to make seedbombs – small balls made up of a clay, compost soil and seeds!

This time we will focus on choosing seeds of bee-friendly plants.

After we are done with seedbombs, there will be a short movie screening about the importance of seeds – SEEDS OF FREEDOM

Come and join us any time and feel free to learn or teach, discuss, have a drink, watch a movie…

No entrance fee – donations for materials, drinks, snacks are welcome!

What material will we use?
If you have some seeds that we could use, bring them!
Let’s choose our seeds carefully (bee-friendly, native plants, not GM…)
And feel free to share your knowledge on which plants are good option and what are the best areas to do seedbombing!
If you have some spare compost soil, you can bring it.
We will use red powdered clay. Of course local clay is the best option. If you have it, you can bring it and share it with us.
Honeybees are disappearing drastically around the world. And the impact honeybees have on the human population and the environment is far more crucial than we may think. They facilitate pollination for most plant life. Most of the food you consume is available because of bees.

Why bees are disappearing:

There is hope. By planting bee-friendly native plants we provide diversity and food for the bees!
DIYW_Beefriendly seed bombs_flyer

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