Photo exhibition: Decay in Amsterdam

A series of photos of decayed houses in Amsterdam, made by Renzo Gerritsen.

We want to raise awareness about alternative solutions to housing shortage and decaying of our historical buildings and monuments. The tourist industry is rapidly burying Amsterdam’s lesser profiled history and cultures; we want to invite you to come celebrate the squatting culture, as it has been a great foundation of what makes our city so interesting today.

Talk by Rianne de Beer Saturday 5pm:

Understanding value of cultural heritage

It is challenging to dictate value of cultural heritage on shared grounds. The significance of value in cultural heritage is grown, composed and forced by a complex system that seems to change its rules with every attempt to describe it. How can cultural value form a voice without exclusion? And how can the cultural voice of value be articulated vs. monetary value depicting personal property? If we want to preserve cultural heritage, whose value is it that we want to preserve? The discourse on these issues will be assessed and unveiled for debate during this event.

Rianne de Beer has a bachelor degree in cultural studies with a minor in restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. She is an assistant conservator of historical archives and paper objects and is concerned with archives from early colonialism to modern warfare.

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