Sep. 27: Sewing Cafe #3


Learn or teach how to sew or crochet. You can bring old clothes for repair, upgrades or exchange! By learning how to do things ourselves we can consume less and upcycle materials available around us.

Every 4th Sunday of the month we will meet at Basta and make our creative thoughts come true by reusing materials that we find around us using all kinds of tools or so called ultimate weapons against the fashion industry.

Come by any time between 2 and 8pm and join the fun!

You can bring your own tools and materials. If you don’t have it that’s ok, we have some to share (such as sewing machine, sewing tools, crocheting needles, yarn, fabrics etc.)

There will be at least one sewing machine (maybe two) ready to use.

You can bring old clothes for an exchange, repair, upgrades and so on (so many options). This time there will be some clothes available for exchange.

Let’s share our thoughts and skills and inspire each other in fabric creation.

There will be tea, coffee and some snacks.

No entrance fee – We happily accept donations for materials, snacks and drink

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