Dec. 16: Baking Cookies

DIYW_Baking Cookies_flyer


x Hello DIYerz and cookie lovers! x

December’s DIY Workshop is going to be about baking – we will be making cookies!

What’s your favourite recipe for cookies? What recipes are popular in the region where you come from?

Bring your favourite recipes and share them with others
bring your passion for baking and learn new international recipes.

There will be certain amount of basic ingredients for making cookies provided (flour, eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder). But if you can, bring your own ingredients.

If necessary bring pre-made dough to the workshop (in case the recipe for the dough takes longer than workshop time).

Donations for ingredients and drinks are welcome.

x see you there x

“We got 99 problems, but eating home made cookies ain’t one!!”


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