Jan. 3: Capitalism and Education



How is the education system imposing and reinforcing capitalism?
How can we combat capitalism by radically changing our approach towards education?
What would education be like in a society without the state and without capital?
How can one educate without recreating the systems of hierarchy, obedience to authority and indoctrination that are responsible for the long lasting nature of the capitalist system?

At this workshop we will discuss these ideas and put some of them into practice by teaching each other a simple skill and making zines. Come with thoughts and tools!

The DIY Workshop is an event where we can share knowledge. You can learn to do something yourself, or you can teach someone to do something themselves. We help each other and spread information in a non-institutional, non-authoritarian and non-commercial environment.
DIYW brings proficient people and interested people together in order to fight for freedom of information and the end of academic elitism and consumerism.
We believe that education is not something to be acquired, but instead something to be experienced whenever possible.
Notes on the Zine:
Conceptual Art; Disney stickers; by Nelson Leirner, Brazilian artist.
Some of the pictures and art taken from Metropolitan Museum brochures.
Some from the Desert Island free zine.
Some dialogue from comic books like some Spider man, Wonder Woman and Allred’s Silver Surfer.
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