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Mar. 26: Magic Mushrooms | Amor Fizz concert

Friday, March 6th, 2015



Free entrance. Welcome donations for materials.



Hornweg 6, 1045 AR Amsterdam



Van Ostadestraat 55, 1072 SR Amsterdam


Mushroom Cultivation Zine

BRING YOUR OWN JAR! (non-shouldered)

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 12.10.16 PM


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Mar. 22: Paper Lamps

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

paperlamps poster


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.06.45 PM WP_20150131_21_06_14_Pro WP_20150131_21_12_21_Pro


WP_20150322_16_59_05_Pro WP_20150322_16_59_12_Pro WP_20150322_19_18_09_Pro WP_20150322_19_18_23_Pro WP_20150322_19_18_32_Pro

Mar. 21: Mushroom Cultivation

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015



Mushroom Cultivation Zine


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Feb. 17: Bass and Guitar Repair

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

1st time at the Bijstand!!!

DIYW_Guitar&Base repair_flyer_ver1


WP_20150217_16_24_19_Pro WP_20150217_16_24_45_Pro WP_20150217_16_25_03_Pro WP_20150217_16_51_20_Pro WP_20150217_16_51_26_Pro WP_20150217_16_51_30_Pro WP_20150217_16_51_41_Pro WP_20150217_18_11_19_Pro

Jan. 25: Upcycle Workshop #1

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

upcycle A4

[Excerpt from Agazine #2]

“Industrialization (…) enabled the gradual participation of all classes of society in the fashion scene.
However, the dictates of haute couture still dominated…”
Create your own, non-industrialized, fashion style by swapping, upgrading, repairing and creating your own clothes/furniture/accessories.
We have enough already, there is no need to consume!

January 25th, 14:00-17:30 @ Occii

A new workshop for everybody who feels a kick to make something special out of waste or stuff with which you have a special connection…
Think of small furniture, clothes, utensils, artifacts, stuff you don’t want to throw away but deserves a second life or a total make-over.
We are ready to help you make your concepts come true!
Take from home 3 items max. and use our tools and skills to make something unique.
You can use sewing machines, tools, extensions, decorations, silkscreen printing, paint, give away shop items, and many more things to pimp and transform your favorite stuff into an extraordinary product to take home after or swap at the spot…
Bring your friends and fantasy.

Offered by the swap-partycrew: Aga Flo, Mirna DIY, Michalis Weggeefwinkel, Thekla Ahrens Bookbinder and Eri Kinderpret/ -this is not a kids workshop…- but bigger kids can try.

Decorating with napkin:

10947316_911611265536398_5398983891441546105_n 10945757_911610278869830_7051635834532039186_n 10945750_911610955536429_5911032109083459679_n 10945694_911610332203158_881150366984235089_n 10945582_911609995536525_6366589757244050513_n 10945579_911611312203060_364559328421529359_n 10945023_911610822203109_5381429127714181483_n 10944398_911610865536438_4296593841697705479_n 10943070_911611005536424_8931845881856537248_n 10942756_911611375536387_8660508459754073836_n 10942753_911610798869778_3330276602506191615_n 10942752_911610982203093_8948722383883111587_n 10941834_911610905536434_8099804387581351112_n 10940996_911610748869783_6651618752618460322_n 10940589_911611095536415_3892575190661290781_n 10940459_911610262203165_2262373117628564342_n 10940440_911611295536395_2776586685048303802_n 10931078_911610128869845_807385606874602902_n 10930862_911610665536458_7392817966793486128_n 10929967_911611182203073_3902512027341792583_n 10929243_911611385536386_8151537903106384754_n 10405256_911610215536503_3092925578592265461_n10923234_911610228869835_311536889000315508_n 10922517_911610618869796_1566162171011833224_n 10920913_911611228869735_46765653568541455_n 10915318_911610498869808_794201080615876191_n 10906230_911610568869801_7050551791879121155_n 10891760_911611078869750_498801307851346092_n 10891745_911610638869794_5452753454603160215_n 10885186_911610542203137_1083445106046706043_n 10868103_911611138869744_2029252059736734331_n 10689703_911611352203056_2936674310722706073_n 10438975_911611042203087_4803186819009109381_n 10423724_911610772203114_8562532597530174562_n 10422492_911610015536523_5450752928451515438_n 10419948_911610935536431_3980321242590667174_n 10410924_911611198869738_7345553021755800506_n 10410477_911610518869806_6982326800053545450_n  10390577_911610082203183_7671711216061741428_n 10363849_911610695536455_4995366229948346526_n 10350510_911610378869820_7565705052325405432_n 10258617_911609985536526_5444098749445461161_n 1904061_911610392203152_1266773747158987964_n 1781920_911610305536494_2952579137510791645_n 1502491_911610375536487_6227183666781773127_n


Jan. 3: Organic Graffiti

Thursday, January 1st, 2015


Jan. 3: Capitalism and Education

Thursday, January 1st, 2015



How is the education system imposing and reinforcing capitalism?
How can we combat capitalism by radically changing our approach towards education?
What would education be like in a society without the state and without capital?
How can one educate without recreating the systems of hierarchy, obedience to authority and indoctrination that are responsible for the long lasting nature of the capitalist system?

At this workshop we will discuss these ideas and put some of them into practice by teaching each other a simple skill and making zines. Come with thoughts and tools!

The DIY Workshop is an event where we can share knowledge. You can learn to do something yourself, or you can teach someone to do something themselves. We help each other and spread information in a non-institutional, non-authoritarian and non-commercial environment.
DIYW brings proficient people and interested people together in order to fight for freedom of information and the end of academic elitism and consumerism.
We believe that education is not something to be acquired, but instead something to be experienced whenever possible.
Notes on the Zine:
Conceptual Art; Disney stickers; by Nelson Leirner, Brazilian artist.
Some of the pictures and art taken from Metropolitan Museum brochures.
Some from the Desert Island free zine.
Some dialogue from comic books like some Spider man, Wonder Woman and Allred’s Silver Surfer.
zinenycCover zinenyc DISzinenyc1DISzinenyc2 DISzinenyc3DISzinenyc4   zinenyc2-e1420505361459zinenyc1
PDF File
PDF File Low contrast/weight

Dec. 16: Baking Cookies

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

DIYW_Baking Cookies_flyer


x Hello DIYerz and cookie lovers! x

December’s DIY Workshop is going to be about baking – we will be making cookies!

What’s your favourite recipe for cookies? What recipes are popular in the region where you come from?

Bring your favourite recipes and share them with others
bring your passion for baking and learn new international recipes.

There will be certain amount of basic ingredients for making cookies provided (flour, eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder). But if you can, bring your own ingredients.

If necessary bring pre-made dough to the workshop (in case the recipe for the dough takes longer than workshop time).

Donations for ingredients and drinks are welcome.

x see you there x

“We got 99 problems, but eating home made cookies ain’t one!!”


Dec. 7: Swap Party

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014




zondag 7 december
14-17 uur
toegang: gratis

Yess, (Holy) time to exchange!
People, take your fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories and let someone else REUSE it! Or take forgotten & lonely tools, records, cd’s, books, good interesting stuff, usefull to others.
Rules of the game: bring with you max. 12 things, and leave with same amount or less. Products have to be: clean and complete.
No underwear, food or broken stuff, please.
Bring your “family”…Lets meet up and swap!
wanted: your unwanted presents from Sinterklaas…
Entrance is FREE.
Find yourself suddenly (cre-)active in the PIMP Corner…
Kidscraftcorner also provided
Come to check us out: DJ Surprise, Aga Flo, Eri Kinderpret, Mirna DIY and our amazing voluntaries!
We make also fantastic snacks! So come to join us!


Nov. 26: Crochet Workshop

Thursday, November 6th, 2014


Crochet For Men Winter Special!

Everyone is welcome.
Bring Yarn if you can.


2014-11-26 19.29.072014-11-26 19.34.06

2014-11-26 19.33.552014-11-26 19.34.00 2014-11-26 19.33.49