Seed bombs and Lockpicking


We will learn how to make seed bombs – the ultimate weapon against wastelands and a way to bring some wildlife to urban places.

SEED BOMBING is an old technique of dropping seeds onto the soil by making small balls from clay and soil and lately it became popular again in order to make abandoned places greener and better looking.

We are the ones who decide what our neighborhoods will look like.
We have power to improve our environment.

After our weapon will be ready you can take it and drop seed bombs anywhere you think it’s necessary – city, empty field or your own garden. We will mostly use flower and herb seeds but you can also bring your own seeds and use them if you want (vegetable seeds are also an option).

We got 99 problems but wasting our land shouldn’t be one!!




After Seed Bombing, we will learn how to pick locks!

We got 99 problems but a locked door ain’t one.

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