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On DIY Community Initiatives

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Give Two Families Electricity and the Healthy Habitat Project were finished today, 27 February 2018. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported. Here are some pictures:

Bringing electricity to the second house 80 meters away.

Securing the panel.

The matriarchs of each house and the light bulb!

Bringing water 400 meters closer to their house.

The electrical connection between each house.

Testing the extension with the phone.


The world is looking pretty grim. NPR and all critical podcasts I listen to are desperately trying to persuade people to run for office by saying you don’t need any special qualification (clearly…), you just need to know your community and have good intentions. As if that can remedy the murderous clown parade going on in there. I’m not convinced of this as a solution, but by all means knock yourself out.

The solution I’m trying is DIY community work. It’s impossible to do it alone, and we are far from having too many of these initiatives. But occasionally, a new obstacle pops up that makes me ask: what the fuck is the point?

Since the government isn’t providing basic resources to families in need, I thought I could do my part to provide what I can with the network I’ve got. Things like electricity and water.

Now I realize how valuable it is that my country, Brazil, a fossil fuel giant, partially subsidizes renewable energy initiatives like mine. This means that buying a Solar energy kit here is cheaper than buying its parts separately.

This is no longer the case in the United States, and it worries me that this might spill over to our side of the Americas- and severely jeopardize future initiatives like these. If people aren’t willing to pay Facebook 12 dollars to make it “add free”, then why would anyone pay 30% more for a charity? Money which will go straight back into the pockets of the State, an institution that already fails to provide what we need, and drain and disappear Goddesses know where.

I don’t mean to ask people to smuggle solar panels from China, but I’m ashamed to sound like a conservative by nagging about state taxes.

Donald Trump and Solar panel tariffs

Give Two Families Electricity/Healthy Habitat Project