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—- Welcome to the University of Colour Decolonial School —–

On this event page you will receive updates on the content of the University of Colour Decolonial School. The University of Colour Decolonial School will take place once a week from the first week of March til the first week of June (see schedule below). The school is open for everyone to attend (students and non students). Make sure you do not forget to subscribe for the Waiting list if you aim to participate (we have reached our capacity at the moment, but some places are expected to become available).

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The program aims to:
o Build a larger and more sustainable activist community
o Provide its members a basic understanding of intersectional decolonization

The program is meant for those who are interested in being part of social movements, activism and want to participate in the ongoing global struggle that aims to decolonize not just the University, but also the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist ableist hetero-patriarchy. We also aim to adapt the program in such a way that it suits people’s specific needs and abilities.

During the cycle you will be able to attend:
o Workshops, lectures and receive a (not mandatory) reading list.
o Chill events that are meant to get to know each other better and learn more about the different forms of oppression.
o Healing events to help you deal with the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist ableist hetero-patriarchy.

The program concludes with a brainstorm session in which project families are formed that are going to work on their own projects. These project families will organize an event or project as a working group for the University of Colour. Groups can organize various events and/or projects, ranging from an occupation or squat to organizing a lecture, starting a blog/website or do a movie screening.

After attending the 3 month program you will receive a University of Colour Decolonial School certificate. This certificate indicates you have been involved with activism, social justice organizing and have gained a basic understanding of (intersectional) decolonization from the University of Colour program. You will be meeting likeminded people and given the chance to develop/find your unique set of skills. Lastly, the program also gives you a chance to connect and meet with a larger network of activist groups and civil society.

Program Agenda
(events are always from 7:30pm till 10:00pm, with possibility to chill afterwards).

Thursday 3rd of March: Introduction Event.
By University of Colour
Accompanied by Mercedes Zandwijken.

Thursday 10th of March: Workshop/Lecture Event
Spirituality and Social Movements
By Lucas Johnson

Thursday 17th of March: Chill Event.
‘The Oral Tradition’
by Manjit Kaur

Saturday 26th of March: Party
One year anniversary of the UoC

Thuesday 29th of March
Panel on Neo-Colonialism
With Saskia Bonjour.

Thursday 7th of April: Healing Event.
To be announced

Thursday 14th of April
‘Introducing the Decolonial Option’.
by Rolando Vazquez

Thursday 21st of April: Chill Event
to be announced.

Tuesday 26th of April: Workshop / Lecture
Panel on Border Imperialism.
with Joke Kaviaar, We Are Here and Abul-Hassan.

Thursday 5th of May: Healing Event
to be announced.

Thursday 12th of May: Workshop/Lecture.
Decolonizing embodiment
By University of Colour and Rosalba Icaza

Thursday 19th of May:
Healing or Chill event

Thursday 26th of May: Workshop/ Lecture
By Gloria Wekker.

Thursday 2th of June: Closing event
Brainstorm and group/familiy formation.

Note: A more detailed description of the agenda and specific events will become available around February 15th on and the event page.

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