Reciklaonica:: 5 godina otpora :: b-day party

These are the times when squats and autonomous spaces all around the world are experiencing a big fall due to governmental opression, strict housing laws, fascist attacks, lower and lower number of people who still have the passion and interest for this form of the struggle – so it’s of a huge importance to participate and support on your local level!

Reciklaonica is a political squat and collective based in Zagreb. Aside from it being a home for dozens of people, dogs and cats, it also gave birth to projects such as a bar/club, rehersal room, tool workshop, bike workshop, Free shop, anarcha infoshop, antifa gym, diy screeen printing lab, a permacultural garden etc. which all function on principals of solidarity without which this (or any) squat/project wouldn’t exist.

On February 11th we’ll be celebrating the 5th year of our existence:) and it wouldn’t be possible without our friends from all around the world who helped in keeping this place alive! *the part when we get all emotional haha*

We want to invite you to participate in Reciklaonica with your heart, with your skills, with your ideas… the same as we want to motivate you to squat&create something in your area.

WE WANT TO WELCOME YOU TO OUR B-DAY PARTY ON 13TH OF FEBRUARY which can also be a meeting point for some further actions. (and partyhardin’)
See ya!
Reciklaonica collective

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