Apr. 10: Internet Privacy

Digital Privacy workshop in joe’s garage (amsterdam)

Friday April 10th 2015, 7:30pm. Internet privacy/security workshop for everybody (so you don’t have to be a computergeek), learn about things like oa useful browser plugins, PGP/GPG (email encryption), OTR (chat encryption), Tor etc etc. Bring your computer or/and usb flashdrive!!

Camera surveillance, Big Data, dragnet surveillance. Our privacy is increasingly under threat, both online and offline. Companies and government agencies make it their job to know as much about you as possible, with or without your consent. There are however plenty of ways to regain control over who does or does not get to see your information, and strong cryptography has become easy to use.

In this workshop we will explain how to reclaim your privacy in a few easy steps, what privacy-respecting alternatives are available for services of Google, and how to communicate securely using the internet or your smartphone.

After our presentation we will help you set up encrypted email, chat software and any other tools that were covered, so be sure to bring your laptop and a USB flashdrive!!

The workshop can cover the following subjects:

– Big Data and online tracking
– Useful browser plugins
– PGP/GPG (email encryption)
– OTR (chat encryption)
– Tor (online anonymity)
– TAILS (easy-to-use secure operating system)

Organized by Pinknoise, an independent and self-organized media collective. https://pinknoise.puscii.nl/

Slides + notes (in the works): http://pad.techinc.nl/p/pnprivacyworkshop

Below you will find links that explain in more detail how to install and use the tools that have been adressed during the workshop, as well as some suggested further reading.

EFF Surveillance Self Defensehttps://ssd.eff.org
Comprehensive list of tutorials in english on a.o. installing and using privacy tools (including PGP, OTR etc.), an introduction to threat moddeling and tips on how to keep your data and computer safe.

Security in a boxhttps://securityinabox.org
Guides in a lot of languages for using privacy tools

Explanation in dutch on the basics of GnuPG:

Introduction to public key cryptography and PGP:

Learn how to use PGP signatures to verify documents. Most free software developers sign their installation packages so you can verify that the software has not been tampered with. The nice people of TAILS created an easy explaination on how to do this:

If you have a Riseup account and want to use OTR over their XMPP chat, then have a look at how to set that up:

If you do not have a Riseup or Puscii account but still want to use OTR encrypted XMPP chats: Systemli offers free xmpp accounts and does not log content or metadata

Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity. It is an easy way to stay secure and uses all the privacy tools that have been mentioned in the workshop.

Other links

The Camera Panopticon
Aral Balkan’s keynote presentation during Last year’s Big Brother Awards explains in detail why people should stop using the services of Google and Facebook. Invest 30 minutes of your time to watch this presentation, even if you think you allready know al this.

Why privacy matters
Glenn Greenwald, one of the first journalists to cover the Snowden files, explains why privacy matters -even if you have “nothing to hide”- in this Ted talk.

https://u2m.nl/#tab4 (list of nice services)

https://black.riseup.net (VPN, and soon email)

If you are interested in hosting a Pink Noise Privacy workshop then please contact us at: pinknoise at puscii dot nl

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