Mar. 15: Swap Party!

Sweet Sweep Swap Party / ruilfeest

> sunday 15 march
> 14-17 uur
> entrance free

> Yess, Cleansing Spring time to exchange!
> People, take your fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories and let
> someone else REUSE it! Or take forgotten & lonely tools, records,
> cd’s, books, good interesting stuff, usefull to others.
> Rules of the game: bring with you max. 12 things, and leave with same
> amount. Products have to be: clean and complete.
> No underwear, food or broken stuff, please.
> Bring your “family”…Lets meet up and swap!
> Because the world is already full of stuff. Stop shopping and Sweep
> Swap out your house!
> Entrance is FREE.
> Find yourself suddenly (cre-)active in the PIMP Corner…
> Kidscraftcorner also provided
> So come and check it all out: DJ Surprise, Aga Flo, Eri Kinderpret,
> Mirna DIY and …
> a sweet cake and coffee benefit cafe is provided by Edith… Join us!


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